Cyanogen mod 7 for HCL ME X1

accelerometer, audio, gapps, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen with calibration app, USB host/device, wlan

3G, camera, hardware accelerated video, HDMI, and many things which you expect to work

But all in all the rom is pretty good. The only major issue being the hardware accelerated video and camera.Due to unsupported hardware accelerated video, hd videos or most formats that were supported before do not work on this rom .

How to install CyanogenMod 7
2)Reboot into CWM Recovery

3)Go to backup and restore
4)Make backup of stock ROM(not necessary unless you have not already done this)
5)Go back to the main page

4)Wipe data/factory reset (only if you are upgrading from non-CM7 ROM (CM7 1st install))

5)Go to install zip from SD card
6)Select internal or external SD card depending on where you copied the zip file
7)touchscreen calibration (only if you are upgrading from non-CM7 ROM (CM7 1st install))

1)Hardware accelerated video - This is only a partial fix but it get the job done most of the what you have to do is get a 3rd party video player app such as mobo video player or mx video player and you should have most videos playing  in software acceleration mode(this option can be found in the settings of both the players).

2)The first time you boot up you will notice that the internal storage is not being recognized. To fix this go to Settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Application -> Use internal storage -> On -> reboot.

3)Some apps automatically rotate upside down in this rom. To fix this download Root browser lite. Then go to /data/ and create a file named local.prop and enter these values

save the file and reboot

4)Install android market- Download the gapps zip file and place it on the internal or external memory of the tab. Then reboot the tab into CWM recovery and select install zip. Then select the internal or external SD depending on where you copied it and navigate to gapps zip file and install it
 alternative gapps link


Discussion on Development(HCL ME X1 is the same as coby 7022, so just look under that name)

I did not make this rom.All the credit goes to the guys at ME X1 is the same as coby 7022, so just look under that name)


  1. pls upload hcl me x1 orginal backup..since i did not do any backup and installed ics

  2. guys i have successfully installed jelly bean on me x 1 !! the download link is get the zip rename the to .sh.bak and install the zip

    open zip ,recovery, etc you will get it !!
    thnx !!
    i will upload a tutorial on youtube soon !!

    1. k i will download this zip but what is to be done next.Tell me if i have to install THIS zip from sdcard in CWM 5 RECOVER OR Iam wrong.

  3. upload latest andorid versions for me x1

  4. Does This Support NTFS File System, Is There Any Way.


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