Flash Cyanogen on HCL ME X1 with FWDN

 Flash Cyanogen on HCL ME X1 with FWDN

How to flash FWDN image (Windows PC is required)
i) Prepare
1. Download FWDN_V7_v2.13.exe
2. download & install VTC Driver v5.xx for your Windows PC
3. download lk.rom and tcc_mtd.img for your tablet
4. connect power cable (do not use USB power for safety)

TO boot into FWDN mode you have to hold the home button down and turn the tablet on.doing so will result in a screen that says that you are in fwdn mode

ii) Flash bootloader(lk.rom) you can skip this step if you already flashed proper lk.rom or you don't have proper lk.rom for your tablet
1. start FWDN on PC
2. drag & drop lk.rom into FWDN window
3. (re)boot tablet into FWDN mode
4. connect PC and tablet (window popped and size of "NAND Data" is displayed in Area Map in FWDN window)
5. confirm checkbox of lk.rom is checked
6. click "Start" & wait complete
7. disconnect & reboot tablet into FWDN mode to use new(just flashed) bootloader
8. uncheck checkbox of lk.rom (it's ok if checked but no reason to flash again in next step)

iii) flash Android image and initialize internal NAND(FAT) partition
1. drag & drop tcc_mtd.img into FWDN window
2. (re)boot tablet into FWDN mode (if you forgot it in 7. in previous step)
3. connect PC and tablet
4. click "NAND Data" in Area Map in FWDN window *6 *7
5. fill "Image File Path" (use [...] button) *8
6. click "Create Image" (NAND Data.fai will be added in main FWDN window)
7. confirm checkbox of tcc_mtd.img and NAND Data.fai are checked
8. click "Start" & wait complete (take several minutes)
9. disconnect & reboot tablet

*6 creating new NAND Data.fai is required when size of NAND Data(FAT partition) is changed by flashing new lk.rom in previous step. you can use same NAND Data.fai if you are using same lk.rom. don't use NAND Data.fai from other people.
*7 if size of NAND Data is not changed, you can skip flashing NAND Data.fai to keep your files in NAND(FAT) partition.
*8 you can make non-empty NAND Data.fai in this window

if the drivers are installed correctly then a menu will pop up in fwdn saying that the device has been detected.If it is not being detected then
1)open device manager
2)select the tablet from usb devices and double click it
3)Then select update driver
4)select driver from computer



FWDN image


  1. @Abid
    Thank ya so much !! i got it working back !!
    You would become a great android developer in the Future !!!
    CHEERS MATE !!!!

  2. my tablet is not startinh after flashing the rom

  3. hi
    i forget to Make backup of stock ROM from my HCL Me X1.what to do now i took a backup use of CWM but now im trying to restore its not working plzzzzzzzzzz helP me

  4. Swapnodip BhattacharjeeDecember 8, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    sir i have done this flashing successfully. but when booting something in chinees is coming. i request u to please help me to get back the stock fwdn image that i can flash. hcl is not helping me. i will not mind if all my apps will remove during the process. so please upload the STOCK FWDN IMAGE. thank you. i know you are a great developer and surely you can do this.

  5. hi Thanks for the Tutor. i have flashed but my tablet is not starting after flashing the rom. is there is any other way to recover my HCL X1 tablet. IT IS NOT SWITCHING on. Please Help me with your Reply. thanks.

  6. can u plzz tell where to get tcc_mtd.img

  7. after i flashed lk.rom, the computer is not rcognizing the tablet whatever I do. please help..... please....

  8. after i flashed tcc_mtd.img, the tablet is showing something in chinese repeatedly and not booting.
    i am sure i did all the steps correctly

  9. I flashed my tab successfully.Thanx to u...bt a major issue is that the camera is not working.plz help me in fixing it...plzzzzzz

  10. You r nothing else than Amazing....

  11. plz how to flash nand partion tablet is hangon condition

  12. my tablet not recognised on my pc i downloaded the drivers but it was driver files .inf, plz help me

  13. after flashing my tablet touch is not working

  14. after flashing my tablet touch is not working. please help me how to resolve it. I also cant get old firmaware version. Thank you in advanced


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