HCL ME X1 is not the re branded version of coby 7022 !!!!!!!

Since yesterday , i have been trying to fix the bugs of ICS for 7022 on the HCL ME X1. But then the fact that it worked properly on the 7022 but not the x1 got me thinking. So after a little bit of research and prying open my tablet i have come to realize that the HCL me x1 is the re branded version of Emdoor EM73 capacitive GC2M 8K.
The reasons that lead me to believe this is that when I opened the tablet(removed the back panel) I found EM_A100_V2 written on the board next to the telechips processor. A quick google search of this lead me to the androtab  site. This page had a hardware description of the device which looked exactly like the HCL ME X1 but that could have been just coincidence so i did the dumbest thing i could. I flashed the cyanogen mod rom from their site for the 7022 using fwdn(not clockwork recovery ) and to my surprise the touchscreen stopped working with the boot animation becoming very slow no mater which rom i used.Then i tried to do the same thing with the emdoor rom and it worked perfectly(as in touchscreen started to work again)and everything went back to normal.


  1. Great!!

    Can you point me to someguide to tear open my HCL me x1

    I have a partially working touch digitizer

    can you suggest me alternate touch digitizer for me x1 as original hcl showroom is telling that it is not supported now...

    Or part number or sopme identifier in for touch digitizer...

    It would be a great help to me

    1. Same problem, Partial working touch. Did you find any solution

  2. I flashed official me x1 image with fwdn now touch screen doesnt work...pls help me...


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