Market error for gingerom

Some apps that where available on the market while using the stock hcl rom may not be available on gingerom due to the change in dpi. the original x1 dpi is 200 while gingerom has a dpi of 160

1)Download and install dpi changer
2)Set the dpi to 200
3)Go to settings of the tab
4)Select applications
5)Select manage applications
6)Select play store/market clear data
7)Restart the tab and and that market should work normally

To restore the screen dpi
1)open dpi changer and set it to 160

Alternative method:
Download any file manager app such as root explorer or root browser lite. Then using the appon the root directory you will find a file named build.prop. open it and scroll down till you find
ro.sf.lcd_density = "XXX"
where xxx denotes the value to be changed

Note:Every time you change the dpi(to fix market issues) make sure you clear market data also.